Introducing “Called To Arms Again”

Called to Arms … Again — my tribute to the Greatest Generation

By J. L. Salter

Grit doesn’t fade away … it just becomes crusty.  With harrowing elements right out of today’s headlines, this story reaches back into the sturdy heartbeat of people raised during the Depression and tested during World War II.  Though the old uniforms haven’t fit in many decades, their resilient spirits still have that same intensity which helped save democracy.


Needing only a fresh angle to write her Veteran’s Day special, Kelly discovers first-hand that the Greatest Generation still has enough grit to fight back.  While all the authorities are occupied during a massive Homeland Security drill, an urban gang of thieves targets an isolated retirement subdivision … figuring the crippled geriatrics would offer no resistance.

Though Kelly’s widowed boyfriend came along only for a post-funeral luncheon, Mitch soon finds himself leading a mis-matched flanking team. Kelly’s good friend Wade has his own assignment, with a home-made mortar and lots of illegal gunpowder.

Maybe it’s difficult to remember everyday things like taking pills, but these octogenarians have never forgotten it was up to them to defend family, home, community, and country.  The outcome of their courageous stand depends on the resolve and resourcefulness of an unlikely ensemble of eccentric elderly neighbors, several American Legion members, and others spanning four generations.

– – – – –

Grit doesn’t fade away — it just becomes crusty. Kelly discovers first-hand that the Greatest Generation is no push-over — they still have enough grit to fight back. “Called To Arms Again.” Novel, only $2.99 in digital formats; paperback also available (varied prices). Clean Reads, 2013. Set in Somerset KY, it’s the exciting sequel to “Hid Wounded Reb.”

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