Introducing: Don’t Bet On It

Don’t Bet On It
By J. L. Salter

Chloe needs a break but can’t lose her place in line. Will the handsome jogger stand still for a $10 fee? What else will he want?



Chloe Watson wants to keep her place in line for the Electronics Super Sale, but really needs a restroom break. Will that handsome jogger be willing to stand still for fifteen minutes… for a $10 fee?

Brett Hardy agrees, but bets it will take her much longer to return — if Chloe wins, she owes him nothing… but if Brett wins, she has to accept his invitation to dinner. How long could the lines be at the ladies room?

Chloe’s best friend thinks she’s crazy to agree to dine with a stranger – on a wager – and imagines only worst case scenarios.

It turns out Brett has even more surprises up his sleeve — and if a bet won’t work, maybe a bribe will.

Perhaps Chloe can be tricked by wagers and bribes, but she can’t understand why Brett resorts to gimmicks instead of just asking her out.

Of course, if he did ask, she’d probably have to say “don’t bet on it.”

– – –
Don’t Bet On It.” Novella, only 99 cents in digital formats. Clean Reads, 2014.

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