Introducing “One Simple Favor”

One Simple Favor

A novella

By J. L. Salter

Sometimes one simple favor changes everything.

It’s “uncautious” of Tricia to pick up a bus station stranger. “One Simple Favor.” Action, romance, comedy, suspense — novella, only $1.99 in digital formats; paperback also available (varied prices). Dingbat Publishing, 2015. Mike to Tricia: “Which part confuses you the most?”


Tricia Pilgrim reluctantly agrees to pick up a sort-of cousin she’s never seen at a distant bus station and drive him back to Verdeville. She might as well. Everything’s already gone wrong with her mini-vacation weekend, there’s an emergency at her job, and things can’t get any worse. Right?

Wrong. Her twice-removed third cousin-in-law turns out to be a hunk with moves like a special forces ninja. And one of them is a magnet for trouble… of the wrong kind. The sort of trouble that has her running through the woods at midnight, terrified and confused. The sort with bad guys and guns.

It’s the wrong way to feel about a cousin, even one by marriage. But she feels safe with Mike. And if they both make it through this long, troubled night, she’ll take a really close look at Aunt Mary’s family tree.


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