Introducing “Pleased to Meet ME”

Pleased to Meet ME
Novella by J. L. Salter

Off-the-grid is the last situation this city girl ever wanted. But what does Cody want? “Pleased to Meet Me.” Novella, only $2.99. Clean Reads, 2015. Can a city girl find herself in an isolated mountain cabin…off the grid? Can Cody Wilder help?


Stumbling through woods in a dark thunderstorm, she doesn’t know where she is, why she’s there, or what happened to all her belongings. Up ahead is the small, isolated cabin of handsome young survivalist Cody Wilder, who’s grown accustomed to his bachelor life off the grid.


In a blinding thunderstorm, a woman comes to after a mishap and staggers to the nearest cabin in an isolated, mountainous part of eastern Tennessee. She has no recollection of what happened or why all her valuables and identification are missing.

The younger male cabin dweller is a modified survivalist, who only gets to town about once each month, and loves his simple off-the-grid life. Handsome Cody Wilder offers shelter, attempts slightly awkward comfort, and tries to help her evaluate her past and her future.

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