Introducing: Rescued By That New Guy in Town

Rescued By That New Guy in Town

By J. L. Salter

Kris can’t dodge this community service but she’ll definitely sidestep her mysterious court-appointed work partner, Ryan Hazzard — even though he previously rescued her.



When Kris awakens in a witch costume, behind wooden bars inside a pitch black community center, her only available rescuer is the hung over new guy in town (who’s dressed as a pirate).  Problem is:  she’s sworn off men, especially buccaneers.

            Badly burned four years ago by a player who ruined her financially, Kris Prima’s heart is locked down as tightly as her lifestyle is confined by those massive debts.  When first assisted by recent newcomer Ryan Hazzard, Kris is resentful, slightly afraid, and determined never again to trust men.  But when court-ordered community service brings them together once more, she begins to appreciate Ryan’s charm, good looks, and capable manner.

With all the rumors and assumptions which followed Ryan from a large metropolitan area, how can small town Kris even begin to trust him?  And why won’t he explain any of those situations?  Through her efforts to learn Ryan’s mysterious past, they share further experiences:  many comedic, one quite dangerous, and others very tender.  Despite several misunderstandings, Kris’s bottled up feelings slowly reawaken and she finally learns enough about Ryan to know she wants him in her life somehow. But can Kris regain her ability to trust a man and allow her heart to be freed from its jail?


Rescued By That New Guy in Town.” Humorous novel, only $2.99 in digital formats; paperback also available (varied prices); audio version also available (price varies). Clean Reads, 2012.

2 thoughts on “Introducing: Rescued By That New Guy in Town”

  1. As I have said before, Jeff, this one reminds me of the classic comedies of the 1930s, but updated! Great job! I enjoyed this story thoroughly!

    1. thank you, Tonette. I greatly appreciate your support and kind comments.
      I wrote RBTNGIT right after finishing my two screwball comedies (Man-Cold and Itch), so it’s quite likely I was still in the screwball vein partly. Of course, I also had that scene near the end where the girl is in trouble from the three drunks… and that kind of action scene doesn’t appear in the two screwball comedies.

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