Introducing “Stuck on Cloud Eight”

Stuck on Cloud Eight

By J. L. Salter


Growing up, the boys blocked Keri from playing in the neighborhood tree house. Now that she lives in one… it’s the men who aren’t allowed.


            Since Keri Winter’s tomboy childhood dream had been to one day possess her own tree house, it does not bother her one bit to be known as Tarzana after she actually builds her home in a tree.

With a steady job she enjoys, Keri invests most of her late mother’s insurance policy into the design and construction of the only inhabitable tree house in Greene County. The house is a marvel, both in its construction and everyday operation, and attracts significant attention. So does its only occupant.

But most of the young men in town hold no interest for her at all. In fact, she seems pretty unapproachable – literally and figuratively – with her head up in the clouds. It would take a mighty tall man to reach Keri’s level and attract her romantic interest.

And even if the right man could reach her, would Keri trust him?


Rusty Battle figures he’s got the right stuff, but in order to prove it, he has to get Keri’s attention.

They’re about to learn proximity can sometimes make the heart grow fonder…or it just might drive Keri crazy.

It’s difficult enough to get to know someone on even ground. Can she start over at a higher level?


2 thoughts on “Introducing “Stuck on Cloud Eight””

  1. Thanks!
    The kernel of this story concept came to me while I was strapped onto a spinal decompression table at the chiropractic office I had just started frequenting.
    [You have to lay still in a dark room for — I think — 18 minutes.] I gazed out the window, saw a tall tree and said to myself, “the heroine lives in a treehouse.”
    And since I was strapped to that table, I decided, “she works in a chiropractic office.”
    And the story was born!

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