Nattering Ninja # 14 — What Kind of Bug?

By J. L. Salter

I’ve often used this series of Nattering Ninja vignettes to highlight the differences between males and females — how we think, feel, act, process information, and communicate. Here’s another example of that difference.


Lessons in Emergency Communication

Sometimes, providing a more specific word is NOT better than using a general term. For example:
As we were leaving the church parking lot (July, 2012), my wife suddenly exclaimed, “Bug!”
Often that term suggests something should be swatted or shooed away.
This, however, was accompanied by Denise’s swat to my right forearm, as though a treacherous bug were attacking that spot. That, of course, caused me to look toward my new arm injury. “Where?” I asked.

This is the type of “bug” I envisioned when my wife sounded the alarm.


“Bug!” she repeated and this time pointed to the left of our truck’s front bumper (as we eased out of the parking lot).

Speeding toward us (in the lane I was entering) was a shiny VW Beetle.
I barely stopped, just in time … and then gave her the ‘look’.
With no hesitation (and before I could sputter), she added, “Maybe I should have said, CAR!”
Yes, Hon. ‘Car‘ would have given me all the info I needed.

6 thoughts on “Nattering Ninja # 14 — What Kind of Bug?”

  1. Too funny! It’s the opposite with us; Joe gives minimalist in dictations and I am supposed to glean all the info I need from them.It is often comical,(after the steam stops coming out of my ears!)

    Do you know the Smothers Brothers skit/song “I Fell in a Vat of Chocolate”? I won’t go into their delivery, but basically it came down to the fact that Tommy said that he yelled “FIRE!” when he fell and when Dick asked why, he said that no one would come if he yelled “CHOCOLATE!”

  2. LOL. that’s a great line.
    Some of the Smothers Brothers stuff was terrific, but I found that I much preferred small doses of their humor. When they had their own show, I didn’t find most of their “bits” all that funny.

    1. They definitely went over-the-edge , too-full of themselves and they went too political. They let others do some of the writing and rode on the controversy instead of their talent.Their talent came in bursts and they were not up to the strain of having to crank out truly funny things every week, so they resorted to irreverence for attention.

  3. To be truthful, I’m not sure I would have stopped in time if someone yelled either “car” either. But if she’d yelled “STOP” that would have done the trick. Otherwise I’d think they’re just pointing out something they think is interesting.

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