Nattering Ninja # 15 — What was THAT?

Are we being haunted… again?

By J. L. Salter

With only two humans and two animals present in the house (and all visible), when we hear loud noises inside… we have to make certain obvious conclusions.

First let me list the “happenings.”
1. The moment my wife stepped into the walk-in pantry — looking for brown sugar or cane syrup (or both) — there was a loud FLUMP as the attic hatch jumped up and fell back down.
So did Denise.
2. I was calmly reading while Denise was in the kitchen making something. Suddenly, I hear the bedroom door make that haunted house CCRREEEEAAAAAKKKKK sound, and then close softly.
Hair on the back of my neck responded.

This is NOT our actual door. But this is the TYPE of door that makes those spooky sounds we were hearing.

3. Don’t recall the specific nature of this next sound, but immediately we both looked at each other and Denise said, “What was that?”
What else could I reply besides, “Ghost, I guess.”
As all this was going on,
4.A. I lost a bill that was basically in my hands the whole time
4.B. Denise’s phone mysteriously went dead three times
4.C. the oven burned whatever Denise was making (five full minutes before the shortest baking time listed in the directions).

To top all that off, now Denise is gone.
No, I don’t mean she vanished in thin air… but she’s elsewhere.
And now the bedroom door is making that haunted house noise again.
So you tell me.
Is this place haunted?
Should I put on my shoes and run?

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