Nattering Ninja # 16 — Beans Are Beans

Or ARE they?

By J. L. Salter

These (in this stock photo) are neither dark nor light… like the ones from my experience. So imagine a batch two shades darker… mixed with a batch two shades lighter than these.



[Another true experience, this one from June 21, 2015]


Took me longer to eat my lunch today. Wanna know why? This conversation (about red beans & rice) will explain it:
She: (after serving up two large bowls) “Which beans do you like better?”
He: “What do you mean? Beans are beans.”
She: (pointing to examples of each) “Well, this batch has both dark red beans and light red beans.”
He checks & confirms.
She: “So which tastes better to you?”
He: (after sampling each) “They’re pretty similar but I guess the darker ones taste slightly better.”
She: “That’s what I thought, too.”
He: “So why’d you put in the light red beans?”
She: “Ran out of the darker ones.”
He: “What’s the basic difference… besides color shade?”
She: “The lighter red beans are the canned house brand and who knows where they came from. The darker ones are [XYZ] brand that come in a bag.”
He: “Oh.”

And then I spent 17 minutes trying to shove the light red beans to one side.

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