Nattering Ninja # 17 — Morning Brew

All About Odors
By J. L. Salter

While I was making my coffee one morning (8-11-2015), our dog Bojangles came in smelling like a skunk.
Me: “Did Bo get sprayed by a skunk?”
Wife: “What do you mean?”
Me: “I mean Bo stinks and I think it’s skunk spray.”
Wife sniffed the dog and walked about the spaces in our house. “Don’t think so.”
Me: “So what’s that awful smell?”
Wife sniffed again as she approached me in the kitchen. “I think it’s your coffee.”

Did she insult my coffee? Or the person who prepared it?

Take a sniff and tell me if it smells like a skunk…


Well, after I posted that little (true) gem on Facebook, at least one of my friends said she’d also smelled coffee that had the aroma of skunk!

Another friend – steeped in science but also capable of blarney – vowed that skunk spray and coffee shared certain components of sulfur molecules.

But other friends simply chimed in with suggested names for my distinctively scented brew.

My buddy, Larry Tuttle, had some of the best suggestions:

** Road Killer Java
** Skunk Works Secret Blend Flying Coffee
** Cafe Eau de Skunk
** Skunky Rude Roast
** Jeff‘s Skunk Trot Morning Surprise

Naturally, my mouth was watering at the gazillions we could make by selling those fantastic names to Starbucks.
“I’ll have a Road Kill Java Mocha Latte with Skunk a la creme, please”

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