Nattering Ninja # 18 — Decorations Come Alive

And You’re on the Back Deck Near Midnight… in Your Skivvies

By J. L. Salter

I guess I’m a week late to discuss this topic, but last Monday I still wanted to keep up my post about my spooky novel. This actual event occurred in late October, seven years ago.

After weeks with little or no rainfall, it poured for some eight hours straight, beginning about 11 p.m. last night.
As I was about to go to bed, I remembered the back deck lights were on. So, I scurried outside in the rain to unplug the cords.
I was quite startled when three pumpkins lit up and spooky noises and screams sounded out!

The hair on the back of my neck went ballistic and my goose-bumps developed goose-bumps.
It was the Halloween decoration Denise received for her recent birthday. Somebody had left the battery-pack on… and the sound detector evidently was triggered by the rainstorm. Yep, right as I walked onto the rear deck.
Un-nerving to hear spooky sounds and see flashing lights from pumpkins that close to midnight… in the rain.

You shouldda seen me (in my skivvies) — nearly midnight, in the rain — at the railing fumbling in the dark leaves of whatever was in that planter… looking for the little black battery compartment (that I never found).
And hoping those three plastic pumpkins wouldn’t light up again while I was standing there!
The spooky noises and screams alone could give somebody nightmares… not to mention the circumstances of hearing them.

2 thoughts on “Nattering Ninja # 18 — Decorations Come Alive”

  1. Um….just as well that you live waaaaaay out in the country since you were in your skivvies,Jeff! I’d hate for a neighbor to complain and you try to explain to the cops the whys and wherefores of this!

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