Nattering Ninja # 19 — Understanding Females

The Voice of Experience

By J. L. Salter

I was not eavesdropping, but could not help overhearing this conversation between two guys in the locker room at the ‘Y’ [late July, 2012].

Guy # 1 seemed to be consoling his friend and his voice sounded quite compassionate as he said: “…never let a woman hold your wallet or your watch.”

That caught my attention for several reasons — not the least of which was that wristwatches are rarely seen these days. Naturally, I assumed that voice belonged to an older man.

I couldn’t quite hear Guy # 2’s reply, but he seemed to affirm that platitude.

Then Guy # 1 repeated, presumably for emphasis (and to drive home his key points): “Nope… you never let a woman hold your wallet or your watch…

It seemed there was much more to Guy # 2’s misery and I longed to hear the summation of his experienced friend’s wise counsel. However, one of them apparently noticed I was in earshot… and their conversation ended abruptly when I turned the corner of that row of tall lockers.

I confess I was quite startled when I saw them.

It would have been remarkable advice even if Guy # 1 was not all of about 11 years old… and Guy # 2 (slightly larger) couldn’t have been more than 12.

True story.

One wonders how that little chap already has so much experience with women.

At the time I initially posted this on Facebook, one of my friends suggested this boy had probably heard that sage advice from an older brother or dad (or even an uncle). Someone else suggested – and I think this more likely – that he could’ve heard it from his grandpa.

However, another of my friends – responding to the seeming immaturity of this boy – replied:

“I was quite reliable at 11, myself, and still am. I can add, ‘Never let a boy hold more than your hand.’ BOY meaning immature male of any age… in other words, most males.”


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