Special Holiday Pricing: 99 CENTS Each

That’s right, you heard me. For a limited time — through New Year’s Day at least — both of my novels at TouchPoint Press are specially priced at 99 CENTS each. That’s the electronic format, of course.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity — load up your own E-reader with both of my  TPP comedies… and/or send them as gifts to your friends who need a good laugh.

Here they are, below. Get them both. But don’t wait too long… special pricing ends around Jan. 2 or 3.

Accidentally swallowing a mysterious pill from her eccentric scientist cousin, Emma Hobby shrinks to the size of those fashion dolls she collects and sells in her shop. When she resumes normal size, Emma must track down her cousin, who’s obviously in trouble (based on those crazy messages he sent). Can those sci-fi miniaturization pills help find him? How about Logan Stride, the attorney who wants to handle more of Emma than her case?

Size Matters. Novel, $1.99. http://tinyurl.com/SalSizeMat



Now that Keri lives in her own tree house…it’s No Men Allowed. “Stuck on Cloud Eight.” Romantic comedy that’s high in the sky. Novel, only $3.99 in digital formats; paperback also available (varied pricing).

TouchPoint Press, 2015.


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