The Nattering Ninja # 11 — I Married a Scientist?

High Science in the Kitchen

By J. L. Salter

Sometimes your science lessons occur far away from high school classrooms. Funny thing about this particular lesson is that I don’t recall any tutorials in school about BOWLS. [Maybe they just didn’t cover such things in the 1960s.]

Read on, about this experience from May of 2012:

These are not the actual bowls — which were a “Corel” bowl atop a plastic bowl of the same size — but this pix approximately how our bowls were conjoined.

They were ‘nesting’ — and the clear one at the bottom had some water inside it which evidently had formed a seal or vacuum. The ‘Corel’ bowl on top would not budge! After grunting and making every reasonable effort – and thereby attracting the attention of my wife – she finally came over to see what was going on.

At first she had no comment, but then I saw the corners of her mouth curl into a faint smile. So – eager to show her how securely these bowls were fused together – I invited Denise to try HER hand.

She briefly inspected the two conjoined bowls, then ran them under the cold water tap for about 30 seconds. Then, PLOPP … they pulled apart.

“How’d you do that?” I asked.

“Brains over brawn,” she replied. “I knew cold water would make the plastic bowl contract.”

Good grief, I married a scientist!

As late as lunchtime that day, she was still smiling.

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