The Nattering Ninja # 12 — Gift From the Dog

Be Keereful with those K-9 Kisses

By J. L. Salter

This true event occurred one May evening (about six years ago), as my wife was downstairs watching NCIS re-runs. Her dog Bojangles entered through the garage pet hatch, slipped past me (reading upstairs), and made his way down to the TV room.

The dog dropped something on the floor, jumped up on Denise’s chair… and immediately gave her a big kiss. Only then did Denise see the surprise Bo had deposited on the floor: a freshly dead juvenile groundhog.

This is Bo… all puckered up for a kiss

Now, juvenile ground hogs are about 15 times larger than most of the mice and shrews and moles that Bo — and Belle — more typically bring in. An adult GH might be 25 lbs, but this juvenile was the size of a healthy housecat.

Jethro Gibbs (from his TV vantage point) was unable to keep Denise from shrieking.
And, of course, I had to come dispose of the body.

[I mean the groundhog’s body, you understand.]

It required TWO trips along the stairs to deal with the groundhog carcass — while my wife was still frozen to her chair.

On learning about this episode, one of our mutual friends noted, “I don’t know why you had to dispose of the remains. It was a gift to Denise and her dog that did the gifting.”

I agreed wholeheartedly, but when your spouse is shrieking, you just do what you have to do.

On a broader note, I figure the pet critters can (and will) hunt and eat whatever they want — and I’m more-or-less okay with it. I just don’t want to SEE the carcasses … particularly INSIDE the house!

4 thoughts on “The Nattering Ninja # 12 — Gift From the Dog”

  1. A big difference in the gifting of Bojangles (dog) and Sipper (cat) is Bo wants to give kisses after his gifts, but Sipper wants verbal praise and no dispensing of kisses!

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