The Nattering Ninja #13 — Who’s Been Sipping My Coffee?

Is that lipstick on my cup?

By J. L. Salter

I had just gotten my fourth (small) cup of coffee — my allotted final for the day. And suddenly it tasted funny. Tasted like lipstick on the rim of my cup. Hmm. My wife was not yet wearing lipstick that morning… and, besides, she drinks TEA (from a different cup).

Very strange.

So who else could it be?
Lining up the other suspects didn’t help much. There was King Sipper the Cat, our rescue dog Bojangles, plus our temporary canine tenants Danny and Tyson.
Keeping a wary eye on the animals, I closely examined the cup as I tried to decide:
A. which one of those four critters was conceivably wearing lipstick that morning?
B. what else had the perpetrator been licking prior to my coffee cup?

Shortly (evidently after noticing my puzzlement), my wife came over to inquire what was bothering me. I explained about the sudden taste of lipstick on my cup.

I could almost SEE her brain working out the solution. “Does that lipstick taste anything like strawberries?” she asked.

Seemed like an unusual question, but I considered it carefully as I tasted the cup again. “Hmm … yeah, faintly. Why? Did you dress up Tyson for your Tea and use strawberry lipstick?”

Shaking her head sideways, my wife smiled that little smile she has when she knows something I don’t know.

“Okay, tell me what you’ve figured out,” I said.

“Well, someone I know was just tasting my freshly made strawberry jam and drinking coffee,” she replied. “Think there might be a connection?”

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