The Nattering Ninja # 4 — Another Memory Lapse

I Did WHAT… Where?

By J. L. Salter

This’ll be a long ride, so hang on!
I was frantically pulling together my tax material (from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. almost non-stop) Wednesday, so I could tote it over to my wonderful CPA.
Ran out of time and couldn’t go thru all the credit card statements … until Thursday.
Found a payment for $29.97 on Feb. 12 (last year) to “Annie’s Pub“.
“Well,” I said to myself, “I wonder if I had a good time at Annie’s Pub?”
Of course, I had no recollection whatsoever of either Annie or her Pub [from 14 months previously]. But I began stressing about that $30 and wondered what I had to show for it.
[Also hoped my wife had not yet seen this statement.]

There was an 800 number listed on the statement, so I calculated how I would phrase my question if I managed to get Annie on the phone.
“Annie, when I spent $30 with you in February last year, what did we DO?”
No, too direct.
“Annie, can you tell me what products or, um, services you provide?”
No, too vague.
After considerable thought, I was so certain that I had NOT engaged in any dalliance with Annie – inside or outside of her Pub – that I decided not to call Annie until I had a witness (my wife was traveling out-of-state).
Then I got to thinking…
“Annie, Annie. Annie… who do I know named Annie?”
Then through a series of mental gymnastics, it came to me!
Annie runs a subscription service!
No, not THAT kind of subscription.
This is for a magazine called “Good Old Days” — quite good, BTW. Lots of articles about the generation before mine, and (of course) my own generation. How different things were in those days, etc.
It will take another complete post to explain why I’d had to call Annie in February, and how she suckered me into adding three more years to my subscription… when it was already extended for two years hence.
But I wanted to let y’all know that Annie’s Pub is “legit”.

The following morning (Friday), I called Annie back and asked her not to keep sending me renewal notices when I already have a subscription through mid-century.
She said she’d take me off the list.
I said, “I want to keep getting the magazine… just stop sending me “reminders” to renew, like the subscription is about to run out.”
“Okay, I’ll take you off the list,” replied Annie.
“But you WILL keep sending my magazine, right?”
Heavy sigh from Annie — Annie’s Publications probably gets a lot of odd phone calls.

Have YOU ever found a mysterious-looking charge on a credit card statement and wondered what the heck you’d done?

2 thoughts on “The Nattering Ninja # 4 — Another Memory Lapse”

  1. Poor Annie! I wonder if she first considered the variations that might be associated with any word abbreviated as “PUB” prior to opening her business? Being Irish myself, only one usually comes to mind.

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