The Nattering Ninja # 5 — Lost It Again

When You Say More Without Words

By J. L. Salter

Overheard conversation:

He: “Can’t find my card for the ‘YMCA’.”
She: “Where did you look?”
He: “Everywhere.” [Gestures broadly about the kitchen and living spaces] “But I always put it in this little can on the counter.”
She: “Maybe you put it somewhere else this time.”
He: “Nope. I always put it there. That way I won’t ever lose it.”
She: [wisely does not reply]
He: [after poking among the debris on the kitchen counter] “Now I’ll have to pay for a replacement card.”
She: “Just have them log you in and maybe you’ll find the card later.”
He: [Groaning]. “No, if I can’t find it now, it’s lost forever.”
She: “Did you put it in your pocket?”
He: “I never put the card in my pocket. It goes directly from the keychain to that little can.”
She: [Wisely does not reply]
He: [after rummaging among the debris on the dining table] “Where the heck could it be?”
She: “Maybe you changed your rigid pattern this one time and used your pocket instead.”
He: “Impossible. It’s always the can.”
She: [obviously getting tired of the discussion] “Why don’t you go check your pocket anyway?”
He: “No reason to. It couldn’t possibly be there.”
She: [Wisely does not reply]
He: [continues to moan about not being able to find the card].
Twenty minutes later, he emerges from the bedroom.
He: “Found that key, finally.” [holds it up, as proof]
She: “Oh? Where was it?”
He: [Wisely does not reply.]

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