The Nattering Ninja # 6 — Short-Lived Pride

Not Quite As Clever As I’d Thought

By J. L. Salter

In early April, four years ago, I was feeling quite proud of myself. The previous week, a major intersection which I use at least 8 times each week was effectively closed for (likely) months of extensive repair. [For you local folks, that was East 80 and Hwy 39]. After the resultant traffic jams in the re-routed intersections, I had devised a different timetable for my trips to the local fitness center [formerly the YMCA].

So, THIS week – meaning early April, 2013 – I’d been leaving a full hour later — and had encountered relatively little of that automotive congestion from the previous week.
And, yes, I was feeling quite proud of my traffic flow prowess.
Was later telling my wife about how I’d beat the system & had discovered the perfect timeframe to work those other intersections and avoid all the re-routed after-school traffic congestion.
She gave me a look [you know that look] … and replied, “You are aware that it’s Spring Break … right?”

Well, if I hadn’t been so focused on the traffic pattern, I might have noticed the totally empty parking lots at both schools I passed.

Or, as one of my in-law cousins remarked, “Women — they think they know everything.”

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