The Nattering Ninja # 7 — Wash Day Blues

Nothing’s Ever Simple

By J. L. Salter

To protect their privacy, I won’t reveal true identities, but here’s an actual short conversation I overheard this morning [i.e., 4-23-2015]:

He: [Looking at the loaded washer] “I’m gonna need to wash some clothes today. Seem to be out of everything.”
She: [Looking up from her tea] “So what’s the problem?”
He: “The washer’s still full.”
She: “Is it my stuff?”
He: “Well, it’s not mine.”
She: [Comes over to check] “Oh.” [Then she remembers] “The washer’s still full because you have the dryer blocked.”
He: “Huh? Blocked with what?”
She: “I don’t know. Whatever you wear.”
He: “MY stuff’s in the dryer?”
She: “Well, it’s not mine.”
He: [Opens the dryer]. “Oh. So that’s where all my socks and skivvies are.”

2 thoughts on “The Nattering Ninja # 7 — Wash Day Blues”

  1. Ha! This makes me laugh. At least you’re aware your clothes don’t actually wash themselves. You’re ahead of the game, Mr. Salter.

  2. LOL. Actually, I’ve been washing my own clothes for decades. Way back when, I realized that my spouse had no way of knowing when I was going to need a certain shirt or particular britches in enough time for her to wash and dry them. So I just decided to do my own. Works out fine. She does her own.

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